REPORT: The distribution network of sales of spare parts in the Czech Republic 2019 – segment of passenger and vans

11 novembra 2019, 12:05

Analysis presents the distribution of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Czech Republic. The analysis provides information on the number of branches of distributors in various regions and districts, the number of service centers, people and cars on each branch.

The analysis was prepared based on the data from the survey of portal MotoFocus Czech and Statistical Office data.

The aim of this analysis is to show the distribution of spare parts to the  Aftermarket in the Czech Republic. The information contained in this analysis will certainly benefit management companies, leading business and marketing departments in planning further development of distribution channels of spare parts.

1. Distribution network in the Czech Republic
1.1 Distributors and their branches by region

2. Fleet in the Czech Republic
2.1 Fleet Size by region
2.2 Fleet Size and Population by region

3. Market distributors in the Czech Republic
3.1 Distribution and size of the fleet by region
3.2 Distribution and population by region
3.3 Distribution and number of service stations by region

4. Automotive services in the Czech Republic
4.1 Independent services in the Czech Republic by region
4.2 Services and fleet size by region
4.3 Services and population by region


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